Our mission is to be a welcoming, diverse, thankful and joyous Episcopal community of faith committed to nurturing its members and neighbors through worship and service.

We are markedly different from most inner city parishes. Most of us live in the neighborhood and call Capitol Hill home. We often see the same people at church, when we are at work, while walking the dog, out with our kids or participating in Hill events. We take pleasure in the ability to walk to church and enjoy the small town feel our neighborhood and church provide. This proximity fosters a sense of closeness and community both within the parish and in our neighborhood at large. Almost a quarter of our parishioners live outside the neighborhood and also add vibrancy and gifts to our parish; they appreciate that we always have plenty of Sunday morning parking!

Our parish has a rich tradition and unique history that holds fast to a strong faith and commitment to caring for our members and our neighbors. We value our diversity. You will find all kinds of people at our worship. If you stay for coffee hour, you will hear a range of perspectives. We embrace this aspect of ourselves, and we look forward to those looking for a spiritual home here on the Hill joining us.