Summer Worship Schedule

Please note: Christ Church is installing a new organ this summer and the installation, renovations, painting and plastering necessitates a move out of our sanctuary worship space for July and August.  During these renovations, we will worship in the Parish Hall at slightly earlier times of 8am and 10am.

Expect that God is present in this faith community.

We expect God is present in your life and our lives, and by worshipping and building relationships with each other, we come to understand God at work in all our lives and our world better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you have services?

We are following a Summer schedule with services in the Parish Hall:  Sundays at 8:00am, 10:00am 

Second Sundays 5:00 pm – Children’s Worship

Wednesdays 7:30 am

What is the 8:00 am Sunday service like?

A quieter service with prayers, sermon and communion. About 45 minutes.

What is the 10:00 am Sunday service like?

A lively gathering of our worshiping community. Prayers, sermon, communion  and music (hymns and choir). About an hour.

What is the Second Sunday 5:00 pm service like?

Our Children’s Worship monthly service is geared toward ages 6 and under.  The sermon, music, and prayers are designed to be particularly engaging for young children. The service is followed by a simple meal and play time in the parish hall.  About 30 minutes.

What is the Wednesday 7:30 am like?

Casual, conversational sermon, prayers and communion.  It’s followed by a simple breakfast.  Less than 30 minutes.

Does your church have an ASL interpreter?

Yes, we provide an ASL interpreter at our 10:00 am service once a month  for the summer on July 2nd and August 6th.

Where do I park?

We have a parking lot of about 25 spaces directly behind the church, including 2 handicapped parking spaces.  Go up F Street Terrace (the alley next to the church), and you will see the parking lot on your left.  From the parking lot, follow the sidewalk into the courtyard, and enter the big red door with the awning over it. This will take you into the Parish Hall.  Turn right, and there is a door to the sanctuary on your right. If you are running a little late, go through the doors to the outside and around to enter the back of the sanctuary through the big red doors (which is the front door if you are on G Street).  As with all places on Capitol Hill, walking and biking is encouraged!

What will happen when I walk into the Parish Hall for worship?

Someone will greet you, hand you a bulletin, and then you may select a place to sit.  There are no assigned or reserved seats.  The bulletin has the order of service and the readings. Participate as much as you feel comfortable.  As a general practice, we stand to sing, we sit to listen, and we kneel or stand to pray.  At communion, you are welcome to come up to receive, stay in your seat, or to come up and receive a blessing.  Part of the beauty of our liturgy is that there is mystery in it, so don’t try to understand everything, just be present to God. We do pretty much the same thing every week, so understanding and familiarity will come.

What about my kids?

They are welcome to be in worship or nursery (infant/toddlers).  Sunday School is on summer break; Children’s Chapel is held during the 10:00am service (PreK – 2nd grades).  The Children’s Chapel children return to the service so that they can participate in communion.  Child care is offered in the nursery for children 0 to 3 years old from 9:45 – 11:15am. If you would like to keep your children in worship with you, there are colorful bags available with activities for them. We’ve found that kids often do better when they sit up front because they can see and feel more engaged. Kids are noisy sometimes – that’s fine, really, it is – their sounds are reminders of the joy of God breaking into our world, that sometimes life doesn’t flow the way we want it too, and that real life happens in the presence of God and it too is sacred.

What else is going on on Sunday morning?

8:45 am Coffee & Refreshments – Fellowship time for 8:00 am worshipers.

11:00 am  Coffee & Refreshments – Fellowship time for the 10:00 am worshipers.

Once a month

11:00 am Bag Lunches – On the first Sunday of each month, we assemble 100+ bag lunches for the CCNV homeless shelter.

1:00 pm Laundry Love – On the first Sunday of each month, we provide quarters and laundry supplies to our homeless and low-income neighbors at a laundromat in Ward 8.

What are the office hours?

Our office manager and parish life coordinator, Jennifer Baker Howard, is in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm.  You can email Jennifer if you have questions. The rector is available by appointment and Monday is her day off.  Feel free to email The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli.

I think this church is a good fit . . . what do I do to find out more or become more involved?

Wonderful.  Just fill out a blue card provided and put one in the offertory plate or email Cara and she will be in touch with you.