We’re so close! Help us hit our highest-ever-set participation goal, and maybe even beat our current record of number of pledges made in a single year!

…This is our moment in parish history, one in which we can grow together towards the next phase of life at Christ Church…

To our Christ Church family:

Whether it was three years ago or thirty, each of us arrived at Christ Church through differing paths, but our faith quickly found a home. In Christ Church, we discovered rich fellowship, a dedication to our community, and a deepening spirituality that invites us to grow together in faith and service. This is why we have set a goal of raising $600,000 in pledges during this year’s stewardship campaign, and we are asking you to help us get there. 

This incredible parish has been in existence for more than 200 years, steadfastly providing community, care, and faithful worship for each generation that passed through its red doors. Through each phase, the parish community nourished Christ Church based on the needs of its current populace while also stewarding it for the next generation. This is our moment in parish history, one in which we can grow together towards the next phase of life at Christ Church. 

Christ Church is unique in our lives: it is a place where there exists the village required to raise children; where – over the years – friends turn into family; and where many of us look forward to going, on Sundays and beyond. Whether you’ve been called to fellowship through music, adult learning forums, our outreach efforts, or children’s ministries, we each have the opportunity and responsibility to help shape the ministry, outreach, and practice of faith at Christ Church. In keeping with Vestry goals, our 2024 focus will be to increase our visibility in the community, expand our outreach programs, and attract new staff that will allow us to continue to grow together, and meet the needs of this generation and the next. This will only be possible with your support. 

Knowing the generous community you are, we understand that you have competing philanthropic priorities. As such, we want to share that this pledge process is critically important to our ability to grow together, as it makes up 90 percent of our operating budget for the coming year. Absent our St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser, this is the only time we will ask you to support Christ Church in 2024. We know everyone’s ability to give varies widely and we respect all levels equally; we simply ask that you stretch personally as you prayerfully consider what you might be called to give this year. It is a true practice of faith to give back to God a portion of that with which God has so generously blessed us.

Even more meaningful than our financial target is our aim to log more household engagement than ever before – our participation goal is 160 pledges this year – and as such, no pledge is too small. Time and time again, God has done much with little – as long as we have the faith to do it together. Much like the mustard seed, together our growing church can do big things – for God, for our community, and for each other.

In stewardship,

Anne, Elizabeth, & Jordon

2024 Stewardship Chairs

FAQ’s about pledging & giving

Why pledge? Can’t I just put money in the plate on Sunday?

A pledge is simply an estimate of anticipated giving in the coming year. From a spiritual perspective, pledging asks us to reflect and intentionally align our financial resources in service to God’s work in the world. On the practical side, pledging helps the church to budget responsibly.

How do I pledge?

There are several ways to pledge. The easiest way to pledge is to do so online here, after which you can also set up a recurring gift by clicking the checkbox under “Before you go…” on the confirmation screen. If you need any help with online pledging or giving, feel free to reach out to Jordan. You may also send in a pledge card or drop it in the offering plate on Sunday. Please submit your pledge by Sunday, October 29.

How much should I pledge?

The amount you give should be prayerfully considered and based on your financial realities. Please remember that a pledge is really an estimate of giving – if life circumstances change, you can change your pledge at any time. And truly, no pledge or gift is too small to make an impact! Here is a bit more information that may help you choose your level of commitment for 2024.

I already have a scheduled gift in the system. Will it automatically continue in 2024 or be updated with the amount of my new pledge?

Unfortunately, no. But, once you submit your pledge, you will see a confirmation screen. Under the words “Before you go…” you will see a checkbox that offers the option to immediately add a gift that you can schedule beginning in January 2024. You can also always log into Realm and set up a new gift. Instructions on how to do that, and more details about making or scheduling your pledge fulfillment gift can be found here.

What is the best way to give to fulfill my pledge?

Many congregants set up their automatic giving through our secure database. See additional details about giving options here. If you prefer, you may also give through the use of weekly pledge envelopes which can be dropped in the offering plate. You will be sent quarterly updates during the year to see your cumulative total against your pledged amount.

Does the church budgeting process really rely on my pledge?

Yes. Pledges are an intended commitment to give a certain amount over the course of the year, and these commitments enable the church to devise an annual budget with some level of certainty. Our church family is growing, and an increased budget would allow us to expand programming, increase outreach opportunities, and create more opportunities for fellowship among members.

How does the church spend its money?

That’s a great question.  Next year’s budget is released at the start of the year based on stewardship season outcome and end-of-year numbers. Our finance committee and Vestry oversee our spending, and we as a church strive to be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given. We offer a full report on the previous year’s finances at our annual meeting, and in our annual reports, in February of each year.

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