Share Our Space

Share Our Space

Share our space!

Most of our rooms can be used for private events or gatherings. We are a historic and welcoming place, and our spaces follow suit. All brightly-lit (no basements here!), accessible spaces are regularly cleaned and carefully maintained. If you would like to schedule an event or host a regular group at Christ Church, please fill out the interest form below, or contact our Administrator, Jordan Zappala.

shared spaces

Sanctuary – Our historic sanctuary can seat roughly 200 people, making it our largest meeting space. This space would be perfect for for concerts, speakers, or panel discussions. *event must be approved by our Rector in order to be held in this sacred space.

Parish Hall –  Our renovated parish hall is on the ground level, and is filled with natural light. This flexible space includes access to the kitchen, and can be left open (for up to 200 people) or offer tables and chairs to accommodate roughly 140. We welcome all types of insured vendors, and a limited A/V set up is available. 

Kitchen – This stocked kitchen is ready to handle a gathering of any size with multiple ovens & burners, and plenty of space to work. It’s conveniently located just off the Parish Hall. 

Nursery – Typically used by our partner co-op during the week and the church on Sunday mornings, this sweet space includes a small classroom with child-sized tables & chairs, and separate play room. 

Upstairs Classroom – A two-room set-up on the second floor, this space can offer individual tables and chairs or grouped to offer a large meeting-style table.  It’s often used as an add-on to some of our other spaces, and is often used by our youth ministry on Sundays. 

Conference Room – Located off our Parish Hall, this conference-style set-up offers a brightly-lit space to host meetings in-person or via our A/V system, featuring an Owl camera for a better virtual experience.

Front Lawn – A grassy, inviting space overlooking G street SE, this knoll in front of our historic façade is ideal for birthday parties and seasonal gatherings. 

Donations and Fees

This grid can suggest the requested donations and fees from groups who use our spaces once or infrequently. Should you be interested in a longer term partnership, please fill out the above form for more information. We also offer non-profit rates. *Eligible for member pricing only if you show active participation in the church as well as a financial gift of any amount in the past 12 months.

Available supplies

Tables + Chairs: including 6 rectangular 6-seat tables, 6 rectangular 8-seat tables, 5 round 8-seat tables, 1 round 8-child table, and 135 chairs

Audio-Visual Elements: Televisions in the Parish Hall, Conference Room & Upstairs Classroom; a projector; an Owl camera for virtual meetings

Streaming/Recording Capabilities: Live from the Sanctuary

Kitchen Tools & Supplies: pots, select serving platters, dishwasher, etc.

WEddings & Funerals

If you would you like to hold your wedding at historic Christ Church, we would be happy to work with you! Members and non-members alike may utilize the church for weddings.

For more information, please see The Celebration of Marriage at Christ Church + Washington Parish.  Do not hesitate to contact the parish administrator if you have questions or if you would like to set up an appointment.

If you would like to plan a funeral at Christ Church, please explore the Funeral Service Planning Form, and contact the parish administrator for further guidance.

*Member pricing denotes active participation in the church as well as a financial gift of any amount in the past 12 months.