Thanks to a record-setting number of households pledging a record-setting amount, 2022 is off to a banner start. All of us at Christ Church are so appreciative of our community’s commitment and faith in our direction. Let’s have our best year yet!

art by Lynne Mallonee Schlimm

September 2021

Our way of life the last couple of years has been significantly disrupted as so many aspects have been upended by the pandemic. We may have lost loved ones, jobs, and routines, and have been shut out of places and institutions in our lives – including Christ Church. If you’re like us, maybe you have a new understanding of the biblical sense of “wilderness.” 

That is why our stewardship theme this year is “Welcome back!” Whether you’re coming back to the sanctuary, have temporarily relocated, or paused engaging with Christ Church and are ready now to re-engage, we welcome you back to your church. Welcome back to living in community with one another, physically or virtually. And if you are new here, we welcome you to this wonderful place, and hope you find a spiritual home with us, and will call yourself part of our community.

As we begin our stewardship season, we ask you to reflect on what being part of Christ Church means to you. This parish community offered stability and support for so many of us throughout our period in the wilderness of COVID; as we emerge with new leadership and energy, we must meet the moment by funding the programs, staff positions, and fellowship opportunities that will not only sustain us, but allow us to grow. Our pledge goal is $450,000 and we also aim to re-achieve the pre-pandemic number of pledgers.

It is for this reason that we ask you to make an annual pledge with a generous spirit. How much you give, and what is considered a meaningful amount is deeply personal and an act of faith, so we invite you to explore what you’re being called to do. We are grateful for all the gifts you bring to our community; can we count on you to join us with a financial pledge to enhance your connection? No gift is too small.  

No matter what amount you commit to give, we humbly ask you simply to PLEDGE. Pledges (offered via red button below or the pledge cards in the offering plate) allow us not only to cover the expenses that keep the parish community thriving, but also to plan in a way that gets us closer to our full potential. From re-committing to robust and active children’s ministries through our full-time Assistant Rector position, to finding new ways to draw our neighbors closer, the planning that your pledge enables is truly a gift. Pledging is also one of the ways you can say both personally and to your community: “I’m back; I’m in.”

We sincerely ask that you make your pledge by October 31, 2021. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss making a financial pledge to Christ Church, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ve all been through a lot this year. Join us in reinvesting in this very special Christ Church community that provides so much support in so many ways. We can’t wait to have you back!


Elizabeth Clelan & Karen Wilson Román

2022 Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairs

Stewardship Sermon

The Rev. John A. Kellogg, Rector

Stewardship Moments

Elizabeth Clelan & Karen Wilson Roman, Stewardship Co-Chairs

October 3, 2021

note: sound quality improves after first 45s.

Del Crandall

October 10, 2021

Julie McClure & Jordon Wadlington

October 17, 2021

Jocelyn De Castro

October 24, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Giving

Why pledge?  Can’t I just put money in the plate on Sunday?   From a spiritual perspective, pledging asks us to reflect and intentionally align our financial resources in service to God’s work in the world. On the practical side, pledging helps the church to budget responsibly.  

How do I pledge?  There are several ways to pledge. The easiest way to pledge is to do so online here, after which you can also set up recurring gifts. If you need any help with online pledging or giving, feel free to reach out to Jordan. You may also send in the pledge card you received in the mail or simply drop off your pledge card in the offering plate on Sunday. Please submit your pledge by Sunday, October 31.

How much should I give?  The amount you give should be prayerfully considered and based on your financial realities. Many first-time pledgers find $100+ a month to be a doable place to start, while others find that a financial burden.  Please remember that a pledge is really an estimate of giving – if life circumstances change, you can change your pledge at any time. And truly, no pledge or gift is too small to make an impact!

How do I give?  Many congregants set up their automatic giving through our secure database. See additional details here. If you prefer, you may also give through the use of weekly pledge envelopes which can be dropped in the offering plate. You will be sent quarterly updates during the year to see your cumulative total against your pledged amount.

Does the church budgeting process really rely on my pledge? Yes. Pledges are an intended commitment to give a certain amount over the course of the year, and these commitments enable the church to devise an annual budget with some level of certainty. Our church family is growing, and an increased budget would allow us to expand programming, increase outreach opportunities, and create more opportunities for fellowship among members.

How does the church spend its money?  That’s a great question.  A 2022 budget will be released at the beginning of 2022 based on stewardship season outcome and 2021 end-of-year numbers. Our finance committee and Vestry oversee our spending, and we as a church also strive to be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given. We offer a full report on the previous year’s finances at our annual meeting, and in our annual report in February 2022.