Our Transition

Our Transition

On February 17, 2019, The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli announced that she had accepted the call to serve as Rector to St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Carmel, Indiana.

As we move forward in the search for the 29th Rector of Christ Church, please visit this page for updates.

O God, who has guided and sustained this Parish in the past, we pray that you will be our companion in our search for a new rector. Give us patience when the journey seems long. Give us courage when the way seems uncertain.
Bless the Search Committee and the Vestry. Give to them and to the candidates they consider wise and discerning hearts to know and do your will.
Finally, we pray that you give us your grace, that we may be a community of love to support each other in this search and to welcome that person who, by the guidance of your Holy Spirit, we choose as our next rector. Amen.

Transition Update – May 31, 2019

Focus Group Dates:  The search committee will hold focus group meetings in the parish hall on June 16 (10am only), June 23 (10am and 12:15pm), and July 14 (10am and 12:15pm).  This is a chance for all to share with the committee their opinions on the state of the church, the future of the church, and the skills and talents we seek in a new rector.  The meetings will last 45 minutes. Please plan to attend at least one meeting.  (A separate questionnaire will be posted to the church website in June.)  

Transition Update— May 19, 2019

The Vestry is pleased to announce that a search committee of eight individuals has been appointed to lead the effort to identify the next Rector of Christ Church + Washington Parish. The committee is lead by two Co-Chairs, Jean Denton and Paul Laymon, and includes Ruth Kroeger, Andrew Lyons, John Payne, Karen Wilson Roman, Kirsten Sloan  and Cathy Hurst Weber. These search committee members have graciously offered to volunteer the time necessary over the next year to identify, interview, and recommend candidates to serve as our next Rector. The search committee is broadly representative of the congregation, representing different worship times, family make-ups, membership years, skills, experience, and interests (choir, children ministries, liturgists, outreach etc.).

As the search committee moves forward in their work, they will actively involve the congregation and Vestry in discerning direction and the needs of the church as we seek to identify a new Rector. We are so grateful to the search committee members for their dedication and commitment to our church family.

Transition Update— April 10, 2019

On April 7th, the Rev. Canon Paula Clark, the Canon to the Ordinary and Canon for Clergy Development, Multicultural Ministries and Justice, from the Diocese of Washington, lead a discussion about the Rector transition and search process.  You can find copies of the handout she shared, Standard Process for Transition of Parish Clergy, on the Welcome table in the Parish Hall or here.  Over the next several weeks, the Vestry will develop a series of resources to keep the congregation fully updated on the status of the search process, including a dedicated page on the website and written materials to be shared, such as a frequently asked question (FAQ) page.  Currently, there are two primary activities being pursued.  First, the Vestry is embarking on a process to identify and hire an Interim Rector who will serve Christ Church + Washington Parish until a permanent Rector is hired.  Second, the Vestry is working to identify and appoint a search committee that will play a primary role in the identification of potential candidates to serve as the next Rector. 
We are seeking to establish a search committee of seven people that is broadly representative of the congregation, including parishioners who attend the 9 AM service and the 11 AM service, represent newer and more long-term members of the parish, and who are engaged in a broad variety of ministries. It is expected that the work of the search committee will last for roughly one year, and will consist of regular meetings over the course of the year throughout the different phases of the search process.  Duties will include engaging with parishioners and reviewing data about the parish demographics and activities to develop a parish profile, recommending updates to the website to best convey the spirit of the Christ Church + Washington Parish community, reviewing candidate packets, conducting interviews, visiting candidate parishes, checking references, and discerning a final set of candidates to present to the Vestry.  If you have any questions about the search committee, are interested in being part of the search committee, or if you have suggestions for individuals who you think would solid candidates for the search committee, please contact Senior Warden Anne Curry or any member of the Vestry by Friday, April 19th.  
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