Christ Church Sermons by The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli

Christ Church Sermons by The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli

Chatting at the burning bush

The story of Moses and the burning bush is a familiar story about call, yet there are few such obvious burning bushes in our lives. Perhaps though the call of the burning bush is the conversation that happens there.

Preparing for the tomb

“Resurrection takes care of itself; it’s getting people into tombs that’s hard.” Henri Nouwen’s words on the first Sunday of Lent remind us that the tomb is a prerequisite to resurrection. Moving towards the tomb starts with recognizing and resisting the temptations to define one’s self by what you do, what you have, and what others say about you.

REST – do people do that in DC?

Rest, the fifth spiritual practice in the Way of Love series, has been identified as the most difficult practice for the majority of Episcopalians in our area. Rest, though, is a priority for God and should be a priority for us.

Introducing the Way of love

Jesus’ baptism in Luke lifts up the work of the Holy Spirit. The first sermon of the Way of Love series reflects on the ways we live out our baptism and engage the Spirit in our lives. Here’s a link to our resources page for The Way of Love series.

A Fast Mass

The Sunday after Christmas is a “light” Sunday – one to let the worship wash over you and do its thing to shape your heart. A poem by Irish poet Paul Durcan included about the beauty and wonder of a “fast mass.”