Christ Church Sermons by The Rev. Dr. Richard Miles

Christ Church Sermons by The Rev. Dr. Richard Miles

Sunday, March 29, 2020: “Friend!”

What is a friendship worth? In the case of a friendship with Jesus, it’s worth everything; the entirety of our whole lives, and more. In our Scripture lesson from the Gospel According to John, the friendship of Jesus with three of his closest friends, changes their lives here and now in just one moment. But in that same moment it also changes life for them for all eternity. Listen in and  find out how.

Sunday, March 22, 2020: “Three Powerful Words”

In the midst of these times, indeed any time of crisis, but most especially right now, The 23rd Psalm has something specific to say to us.  Its message right now is found in its fourth verse, where it speaks three very powerful words to us; words that speak its central meaning, and have the power to stir our hearts, settle our minds, and comfort our souls. Read on!

Sunday, March 15, 2020: “More than a Quick Fix”

How often have you asked God for a “quick fix” in life? We all do it. We get busy, or defensive, or just too conflicted to face our problems honestly, and all we want is for God to “fix” things. Not change us, or open us, or make us face ourselves. Sometimes God does answer such prayers, just because God loves us and understands that we just need some relief. But real healing can only happen when we let God…

Light Reflected

Do you ever experience being afraid of the dark? I know that I occasionally do; especially after watching a scary movie. (Have you ever noticed that those are nearly always staged at night?) What makes the dark so scary? The lack of light, obviously; without light it’s hard to set our feet or place our hands anywhere safely. Without light we can’t tell who or what might be out there in the dark. We don’t want to walk in the…

Baptism of Our Lord: On Building an Ark

In the past five to seven years, Arks have been popping up all around the world. As in Noah’s Ark. In reading the 29th Psalm this morning, it just might seem like a good idea to build an Ark ourselves. The Psalmist speaks of “mighty waters” that can drench, drown, and destroy us, where “the flood sweeps over” us. But the Psalmist is speaking here of how life itself can send metaphorical floods to drown us emotionally, spiritually, and mentally,…

Herod The Prophet

Herod! A Prophet?!? If you know anything about King Herod, then you know that he is remembered for and as many things; most of them not very flattering.  Being a Prophet is not usually one of those things. But, in our Gospel lesson this morning, Herod does in fact say something so prophetic, that if we miss it, we will miss the Savior too. Come and find out what Herod the Prophet says this morning that will change our New…