Christ Church Sermons from February 2019

Christ Church Sermons from February 2019

Bless: You’re Probably Doing It Now

We continue with our Way of Love series and reflect on Bless: unselfishly loving and serving as we go about our daily lives. Jesus advocates for a culture of generosity in the Golden Rule and that culture is the foundation of being a Blessing to others, no matter what we are doing with our lives. Luke 6:27-38

REST – do people do that in DC?

Rest, the fifth spiritual practice in the Way of Love series, has been identified as the most difficult practice for the majority of Episcopalians in our area. Rest, though, is a priority for God and should be a priority for us.

Turn – Go Deep and Return to the Way of Jesus

This week in our Way of Love preaching series, we examine “turn”: to pause, listen, and choose to follow Jesus. Choosing to follow Jesus doesn’t just happen once, but over and over again when we stray from the path of Jesus in our weakness. Luke 5:1-11.