Christ Church Sermons from September 2019

Christ Church Sermons from September 2019

No Regrets

What would it be like to have no regrets? We all have things we are sorry for: people we have hurt, opportunities we’ve missed, good things we could have done better. But, what if there is a way to live so that our lives can be set free of the burden of regret? Is that really possible? In our Gospel lesson from Luke, Jesus’ story of the Rich Man and Poor Lazarus tells us how this can be done.


Honestly! What kind of a parable is this? Is Jesus really telling us to emulate a crook? In a word, no! But there is a piece of information missing from this story that will explain the whole thing. Take a look, and see how the “Dishonest Steward” has an honest lesson for us.

Why Do Church?

“Who needs to get up, get dressed, drive in, be harangued, and then be asked to pay for the experience?”  That’s what a lot of people think when asked to come to Church. If it’s such an ordeal, then why bother?  I get it! As one who has often experienced and worshiped God on my own, I really do get it. So, if we can worship God on our own, then why go to the effort to do it together,…

A Seldom Told Tale

Sometimes, a great story can get overlooked, or even forgotten. It can easily happen when the reference material doesn’t even tell much of it. In this case, the reference is Paul’s little letter to Philemon. But the story it refers to is a whole lot bigger than the letter. The following sermon tells that story, and its amazing transformation of a lost life.

Table Manners

We’ve all been instructed in proper table manners at sometime in our lives. Even now, there are copious volumes of books on the subject, should we be interested in learning more. Yet, none of them have Jesus’ table manners mentioned. The reason? His are not about proper behavior; his are about character.