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Light Reflected

Do you ever experience being afraid of the dark? I know that I occasionally do; especially after watching a scary movie. (Have you ever noticed that those are nearly always staged at night?) What makes the dark so scary? The lack of light, obviously; without light it’s hard to set our feet or place our hands anywhere safely. Without light we can’t tell who or what might be out there in the dark. We don’t want to walk in the…

Baptism of Our Lord: On Building an Ark

In the past five to seven years, Arks have been popping up all around the world. As in Noah’s Ark. In reading the 29th Psalm this morning, it just might seem like a good idea to build an Ark ourselves. The Psalmist speaks of “mighty waters” that can drench, drown, and destroy us, where “the flood sweeps over” us. But the Psalmist is speaking here of how life itself can send metaphorical floods to drown us emotionally, spiritually, and mentally,…

Herod The Prophet

Herod! A Prophet?!? If you know anything about King Herod, then you know that he is remembered for and as many things; most of them not very flattering.  Being a Prophet is not usually one of those things. But, in our Gospel lesson this morning, Herod does in fact say something so prophetic, that if we miss it, we will miss the Savior too. Come and find out what Herod the Prophet says this morning that will change our New…

Can Anything Good Come to Nazareth?

Here’s a big word: Incarnation. It’s one of those words that needs repeated explaining, especially since we tend to only mention it at Christmas each year. In short, it’s about God becoming human and living among us in Jesus. It’s kind of a shock to the mind to just think about what that means. But, that doesn’t stop John in our Gospel lesson this morning from opening his Gospel account with this very thought. But, as we will find out,…


Do you want to make a big difference in someone’s life this Christmas? How about a difference in the world? You can, and you can do it easily; if you take up the spiritual discipline of “Kringling.” Here’s how you can do it, and here’s the difference it can make when you do.