Sermon Archive (Page 9)

Sermon Archive (Page 9)

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What is in your bag?

Jesus tells the disciples to travel light when they go to preach and heal. We should travel light, too, by taking our faith with us wherever we go. (Mark 6:1-13a)

The 13th Apostle

The first decision Peter and the disciples made without Jesus – replacing Judas as the 12th apostle – didn’t turn out great.  What can we learn from their experience about making decisions under pressure?

God really is that inclusive

God’s love is so expansive that the Holy Spirit comes upon both Gentiles and Jews. Sadly, we fail to understand this and we show partiality in our lives. There is hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to act through us so God’s love overcomes our partiality. (Acts 10:44-48)

God has faith in each of us

God has faith in all of us, even people with whom we disagree. In the wake of tragedy, ground your actions in God’s faith in us and in God’s faith in others.   (Genesis 17:1-7, 15016, Romans 4:13-25)