Sermon and Video Archive (Page 14)

Sermon and Video Archive (Page 14)

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The Farcical Comedy of Esther

With the backdrop of the past week in Washington (Ford/Kavanaugh hearings), the story of Esther resonates in a myriad of ways and leaves us with the question – “for just such a time as this” what do we do?

Examining our hearts

Jesus encourages us to examine what we carry in our hearts and to bring our hearts close to God and our neighbor. What is in your heart? Where is your heart? (Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23)

Meeting our Maker

Jesus promises us that we can have eternal life now and we can meet our maker now. He is the bread of life in his incarnation and in the Eucharist. (John 6:51-58)