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Sermon and Video Archive (Page 5)

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Sunday, December 29, 2019: “Can Anything Good Come to Nazareth?”

Here’s a big word: Incarnation. It’s one of those words that needs repeated explaining, especially since we tend to only mention it at Christmas each year. In short, it’s about God becoming human and living among us in Jesus. It’s kind of a shock to the mind to just think about what that means. But, that doesn’t stop John in our Gospel lesson this morning from opening his Gospel account with this very thought. But, as we will find out,…

Sunday, December 15, 2019: “Kringling”

Do you want to make a big difference in someone’s life this Christmas? How about a difference in the world? You can, and you can do it easily; if you take up the spiritual discipline of “Kringling.” Here’s how you can do it, and here’s the difference it can make when you do.

Sunday, December 1, 2019: “Be Prepared!”

He’s coming! That’s what the word advent means: a coming. But this advent isn’t about just anyone’s coming. It’s about God’s coming; coming to us. Today begins the Holy season of Advent; a time to get ourselves ready for God’s arrival among us in the form of a baby; Jesus. There’s only one thing to do now: get ready. Be Prepared!

Thanksgiving Day: Reasons for the Season

There are countless reasons for giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day. The Apostle Paul, however, only lists six in our passage from his letter to the Colossians. In each one, though, we see how God’s presence has caused a difference in the living of our lives; real reasons for this season. I only preach on two of these. So, this sermon is considerably shorter than most, and is yet another reason for thankfulness.

No Place

What would Utopia look like to you? Would it be a place of endless recreation, or learning, or perhaps, simply a place where everyone gets along and everybody cares about every other persons’ happiness? There are as many ideas of Utopia as there are human beings to imagine it. The Prophet Isaiah lays out a vision for Utopia this morning, but in this case it’s not his vision, but God’s vision. As such, this vision has real power to heal…

A Different Message

Should a church be first about building a building, or should its first concern be ministry for the needy? This question is often asked of congregations, and even by congregations; especially when money is being sought to build or maintain a building. But this question creates a false dichotomy. The Bible does not call us to make a choice between these two ideals. As the Prophet Haggai makes clear, both things are required. Serving God by building a place for…